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Subaru Forester VIN Decoder

Check your Subaru Forester using our powerful VIN check tool instantly. Using the VIN lookup is a great way to learn more about the specifications and history of the Subaru Forester vehicle.

Check any Subaru Forester VIN

The Subaru Forester VIN decoding tool will find the vehicle’s previous history including the number of owners, accident history, mileage verification, recalls, specifications, loan & lien history, inspection records, service and repair history which includes over 60 detailed checks on every report.
Our in-depth Subaru Forester VIN report also includes the current market value based on the history of the vehicle and details of loan or lien (if any) including information on its title history.. What makes our VIN lookup unique is we provide Auction Photos & sales records for any Subaru Forester.

What consists in a Subaru Forester VIN Number?

The VIN number is a 17-character-long alphanumeric serial code, also known as the chassis number, which makes each and every Subaru Forester unique. The VIN Number of every Subaru Forester differs and is unique to each Subaru manufactured. The 17 digit VIN number is decoded using our proprietary VIN lookup tool, which translates the year, make, model, engine, service history, recalls and detailed history records of the Subaru Forester once it is typed in.
The Subaru Forester VIN number contains information about its year of production, plant it was produced in, engine specifications, and detailed model and trim information. Considering purchasing a Subaru Forester online? Always ask for the VIN number in order to ensure you are aware of the vehicle’s history before making any commitments. The Subaru forester vehicle history report will give you peace of mind knowing what the vehicle has been through.

Where to find the Subaru Forester VIN Number?

The Subaru Forester VIN Number can be found in multiple locations on the vehicle. It can also be found on the vehicle title or insurance paper found as “Serial Number”, “Chassis Number”, “VIN Number”
Looking for the Subaru Forester VIN Number? Here is a list of locations to find the VIN Number for the Subaru.
  1. Look at the driver-side door panel of the Subaru Forester. The door panel affixed to the body has a sticker which contains the VIN Number.
  2. Windshield of the Subaru Forester will have a metal plate affixed where the 17-digit VIN number will be etched. Jot down these digits to put into our VIN check tool.
  3. The engine of the Subaru Forester also contains the VIN Number. The VIN Number is etched on the vehicle. This is the best location to find the valid VIN Number when one considers tampering of the VIN Number plate on the vehicle.
  4. The registration of the vehicle such as the title includes the Vehicle Identification Number which might be listed as Serial Number or Title and Identification No.
  5. Insurance records of the Subaru Forester will also contain the VIN Number.
driver side dashboard, driver’s door jamb, engine of Subaru and Insurance papers of Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Sample VIN Check Reports:

JF2SH6FC7AH771128 – 2010 Subaru Forester XT Limited (2.5L I4 SMPI), SUV 4D
JF2SJAEC1JH592513 – 2018 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium (2.5L H4 MPI), SUV 4D
 JF2SJGTC3HH406101 – 2017 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Touring (2.0L H4 DI), SUV 4D
View the detailed vehicle history report’s above to get an idea of what to expect when you are searching your Subaru Forester. Look up any VIN number using our tool and sign up for the multiple report package to save money. It’s always a good idea to search a vehicle report before making a final decision on a Subaru Forester. Did you know Subaru Foresters are one of the vehicles with the most insurance claims? Look up your Subaru Forester VIN Number today to access detailed service history records.

What does a Subaru Forester VIN Lookup contain?

Here’s what you can discover about the Subaru Forester by searching the VIN number:

The number of owners - Find out the number of owners the Subaru Forester had including the number of owners, duration of ownership, registration details such as country, state and city of registration. Many customers have located their Subaru Forester using our VIN look up tool.

Mileage information - Check odometer records on any Subaru Forester by entering in the Subaru Forester VIN number. Mileage information will include mileage, date and location when it was registered. The odometer records include title records, registration and renewals information.

Accidents history - Find out if the Subaru Forester was ever involved in an accident. Salvage title checks are included in every report which also verifies with the national databases of insurance records.

Best times to buy and sell - Wondering how much the Subaru Forester is really worth? When is the best time to buy or when is the best time to sell? Every VIN check contains detailed information and breakdown comparing the Subaru Forester amongst other models.

Vehicle Specifications - Every Subaru Forester comes with special options and packages at the time of purchase. Using our Subaru Forester VIN Lookup tool you can find detailed specifications such as model, trim, engine, transmission, fuel, exterior and interior options, standard safety features, air bags, audio system, braes, comfort features, convenience features and security features. Find out over 100+ specifications on any Subaru Forester.

Market Value - Wondering how much the Subaru Forester is actually worth? Our report shows you the market value of any Subaru Forester based on current mileage and information today. Learn about depreciation and resale value of the vehicle compared to other similar models being sold in your area.

Warranty Status - Find out if the Subaru Forester has any information including the type of coverage for warranty status.

Police incidents - Each Subaru Forester VIN Check will verify information from law enforcement agencies to help determine if the Subaru Forester had any claims. Find out if the Subaru Forester has a clean history or if it has had a shady past.

Safety rating - Use our crash ratings guide to find useful information on the safety of the Subaru Forester in a crash, including its technical capabilities to avoid accidents.

Department of Motor Vehicle Records - Every Subaru Forester VIN lookup will verify title records from the Department of Motor Vehicles and government agencies. In Canada, the Ministry of Transportation or the SAAQ; would verify title history records.

Insurance Databases - Find out the number of claims made with insurance for the Subaru Forester. It is highly recommended to verify if the Subaru Forester has ever had any claims; big or small that might affect its resale value.

Inspection Records - Multiple states have a law in place where emissions & safety inspections must be done yearly. Find out if the Subaru Forester has had its yearly inspections done on time and if there were any inspection failures in its past.

Background on Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester was first introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995 by Subaru and available for sale in 1997. Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer also known as the Fuji industries. It’s famous for its boxer engine that is being used in most of their models. The data suggest that Subaru does not attract a lot of new customers but focuses on the retaining process of their existing customers.
Fuji industries were initially working with the Aircraft’s researches but after the war situations, they changed the focus from research to manufacturing electric motors, scooters, etc. They were interested in the car manufacturing business and fast forward built Subaru and introduced the Subaru R-2 in 1969.
Subaru is the biggest car exporter for Japan as the data suggests that more than 70% of the car export business is in the hands of Subaru with quality reviews from its loyal customers.
Subaru also takes part in the World rally championship and won the titles in 1995, 2001, and 2003 with the help of drivers including Colin McRae, Richard Burns, and Petter Solberg.

Lookup Subaru Forester recalls

The Subaru Forester can have important recalls issued by the manufacturer. Recalls are a safety notice issued to owners to receive safe, free repairs completed by the manufacturer. There are laws issued in the safety act and federal regulations which ensure each manufacturer complies with its enforcement. The statue of limitations for all no-charge recall repairs is 10 years from the original sale date of the Subaru Forester.

Lookup Subaru Forester title history

Looking into the history of the Subaru Forester can uncover a hidden past. It is always a wise decision to look up the title history of a vehicle before making a decision. The title history will give you a good idea of what the vehicle has had happen in its past. Here are the different title checks our VIN report verifies on every search:
  1. Damaged Title
  2. Dismantled Title
  3. Gray Market Title
  4. Junk Title
  5. Lemon Law Buyback Title
  6. Prior Police
  7. Prior Tax
  8. Rebuilt Title
  9. Reconditioned Title
  10. Remanufactured Title
  11. Replica Title
  12. Revived Junk Title
  13. Revived Salvage Title
  14. Salvage Title
  15. Scrap Vehicle Title
  16. Totaled
  17. Warranty Returned
  18. Water Damage
  19. Fire Damage
Subaru Foresters marked with a salvaged title were involved in considerable damage from another source, or were involved in an accident. Flood, fire, theft and vandalism can also be reasons for a Subaru Forester to be considered a salvage title. It is always a good decision to look up the title history and learn what you can find. It is sometimes nearly impossible to tell a clean Subaru Forester from one with a bad history.
Using our vin check tool will allow you to access auction photos. If the Subaru Forester has ever entered an auction, you will have this data present which can include photos, mileage history, how much the Forester was sold for and the location of the Auction.

Title Checks available for the Subaru Forester

Buying a Subaru Forester with a clear title is always a good idea. Learn more about the different type car title checks our VIN check service provides below.
  • Affidavit Title – The affidavit of a title is provided by the seller, which is a legal document that states a title may be issued under an affidavit in lieu of missing other paperwork. 
  • Bonded Title – A bonded title which is also known as a “Certificate of Title Surety” proves an individual’s ownership of a Subaru Forester. This usually happens when the Subaru Forester’s title was lost or damaged between title transfers. This means there was no way to prove the person in possession of the Subaru Forester was the legal owner of the vehicle. Since the title cannot be transferred normally, the ownership claiming party would need to go through the process of getting a bonded title which includes the need to purchase a surety bond. The bonded title Subaru Forester will have the “Bonded” stamp on it for a period of 3 to 5 years. 
  • Clear Title – The title is considered a clear title when it is issued to a new owner with no lien specified. This in simple terms means that here is no money owed on the Subaru Forester.
  • Certificate of Destruction – Insurance companies have the option to take ownership of the vehicle by paying out the claim for the insured vehicle. At this point, the insurance companies have the option of processing the title as a certificate of destruction. The vehicle is highly unlikely to ever be used on the road or registered as it will likely be destroyed or exported to overseas markets. It is also unlikely that a Subaru Forester with a certificate of destruction can ever be re-issued a valid title for transfer. The Subaru Forester that has a certificate of destruction can appear to be in acceptable condition. The insurance company makes a decision based on its policies to prevent the vehicle from being driven on roads to limit the liability in the event the car is involved in an accident. The insurance company can be held liable if an injured party can claim that the insurance company should not have allowed the Subaru Forester back on the road legally.  Certificate of Destruction doesn’t necessarily mean the car is completely unusable. For example, the Subaru Forester could have its airbag deployed or have been in an accident that involved structural damage. Visibly the Subaru Forester might look alright, but the insurance company has decided to limit their liability in the event the car is driven again and involved in an accident at a later date. The insurance company could be sued due to allowing the vehicle back on the road. 
  • Electronic Title – As technology grows, the department of motor vehicles (DMV) and ministry of transportation can issue an electronic or paperless title. Use our VIN check tool to find out if your Subaru Forester has an electronic title.
  • Export Title – Subaru Foresters are often exported to overseas buyers. For a vehicle to be exported, title documentation and custom clearance is required. If the Subaru Forester is not declared at an exit point, the title may not be possible in the destination country leaving overseas buyers with problems. Use our VIN lookup tool to find out the complete auction history of any export vehicle. 
  • Junk Title – When a Subaru Forester has been sold to a junkyard, it may be branded a junk title designation which is intended to be scrapped or parted out. Some permanent brands which cannot be removed from a title are junk title, rebuilt title and the certificate of destruction. Always ensure to look up the VIN number to ensure the Subaru Forester has been branded junk. 
  • Lienholder Title – Subaru Foresters with a lien or title loan have a title issued directly to the lienholder. This could be the bank or financial party that is receiving the payments for the vehicle. The purchase will be listed as the owner of the Subaru Forester, but the title will list the lender as the lien holder, which allows the lender to retain possession of the title. 
  • Parts only title – The parts only title designation is usually found on a transfer form or a bill of sale and never on the actual title of the vehicle. If the parts of bill of sale is submitted to the Motor Vehicle Department (DMV or MTO) for title processing; the title can be issued with a salvage title brand or another designation based on their regulations.
  • Salvage title – A salvage title indicates that a Subaru Forester has suffered some kind of serious damage in the past. The title is issued salvage if there was major damage, theft, vandalism, fire, or repair. Insurance companies are the decision makes to decide if the vehicle is deemed salvaged. Usually, if the damage is more than 60% of the vehicle value or if it decides the repair is not worth the value; the title is issued as salvage brand. Once a Subaru Forester is declared salvage, it is irreversible as it is a permanent brand that remains on the title which cannot be removed.  Salvage title Subaru Foresters can still be registered for road use. In some states, inspections are required to ensure the vehicle is safe for the road use again. Always verify the VIN number of any vehicle to ensure that it has had a clean history.  Salvage title vehicles are often exported to overseas markets. Some of the top markets where salvaged title Subaru Forester are exported to are: United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Ukraine, Nigeria, Libya, Mexico, Lithuania, Jordan, Cambodia, Oman, Germany, Dominican republic, Benin, Guatemala, Ghana, Netherlands, Taiwan, Lebanon, Honduras, Poland, United kingdom, Canada, El savador, China, Saudi arabia, Togo, Senegal, Turkey, Haiti, France, Bahamas, Chile, Yemen, Iraq, Guinea, Japan, Belgium, Kuwait, Korea, Iceland, Russia, Spain, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Trindad and tobago, Guyana, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto rico, Barbados, Dominica, St lucia, Niger, Sierra leone and Liberia. Always check the VIN report with our tool before making a decision on a Subaru Forester.
  • Reconstructed Title – When a Subaru Forester has been substantially repaired, it may have the title branded as reconstructed. An insurance company or body shop, collision center or rebuilder are the sole authorities that can issue the title to be reconstructed. 
  • Rebuilt Title – Subaru Foresters that have a rebuilt title can normally be registered for use on roads, but will require an inspection to verify if it is road worthy. A rebuilt title classifies that the vehicle had severe damage and was rebuilt by a body shop, insurance company, collision center or licensed rebuilder. Note that insurance companies have certain limitations if the title is rebuilt.

Previous owners of a Subaru Forester

Ever wondered how many owners the Subaru Forester you are shopping for or own, actually has had in the past? Use our vin check tool to find out the number of owners and location of ownership. Along with ownership information you can find out if the vehicle was used as a personal use, commercial use or police & government use. Vehicles with several owners in a short amount of time can indicate a problem that might not be stated. Obtaining a VIN check on our website will allow you to get the full picture of the Subaru Forester.

Subaru Forester Service History

Having a detailed service history can help anyone understand whether you are buying or selling a vehicle. Maybe you have a Subaru Forester that has not had timely services potentially costing you more money down the road. It is important to know if the services for the vehicle are completed on time. Clean service history ensures longevity of the engine and vehicle ensuring safety of passengers. Our VIN report provides up to date reports from dealerships, garages, auctions across North America to ensure you view the complete service history. Using our vin check tool you can find detailed service history records of the Subaru Forester.

Loan & Lien Checks on a Subaru Forester

One important fact to consider is the loan and lien verification on a vehicle. A vehicle with a loan and lien can be repossessed at any time; regardless if you may have paid the previous owner cash for the vehicle. Enter the VIN Number in our tool to find out about any unpaid dues.

Check if a Subaru Forester has Auction History & Photos

Using our VIN Lookup tool to find Auction photos and data. We are proud to be the onlye vehicle report provider on the internet that has detailed history reports with photos. Check whether the Subaru Forester has been in auction by entering the VIN number.
See a sample vehicle history report of a Subaru Forester with Auction photos and data.

Picture: 2009 Subaru Forester’s auction image

Quite often, Subaru Foresters are exported to the oversea’s markets. Simply enter the VIN number in our tool to find out the complete Auction History & photos. Find out the real price paid for the vehicle in the US or Canadian auction. You can get your Subaru Forester auction images from our Subaru Forester VIN Decoder tool.

Facts about Subaru Forester

Look up any Subaru model

  • The 2020 Subaru Forester received the highest possible safety rating from IIHS.
  • The Subaru Forester has the lowest 5-year cost to own in its class for 2020.
  • The Subaru forester has the best resale value in its class for 2020.
  • 180,179 Subaru Forester sold Only in America in 2019.
  • Winner of Wheels Gold star cars award for best compact SUV 2008.
  • Winner of Motor Trend Magazine’s SUV of the Year Award in 2014.
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick+.
  • Best Small Utility in Motor Week’s 2009 Driver’s Choice Awards.

Vehicles Report

Vehicles Report contain up to date information to the second from state & federal databases about the vehicle’s complete history. Simply enter the VIN number of any car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, classic cars, RV, motor home to obtain the complete history and specifications. Our comprehensive VIN check is used by customers around the world including the largest dealers & auctions in North America.

Why should I run a VIN Check with Premium Vin?

Vehicles Report is an unbiased report that reveals the overall information about any vehicle’s background. You can check various information about any vehicle such as vehicle registration specifications, recall information, loan history of the vehicle, mileage records, how old the vehicle is, the number of previous owners, accident or auction records. This way, you get to know all the necessary details about the vehicle you are planning to buy or sell. Simply provide the vehicles VIN number in order to pull up an instant detailed vehicle report on any car, truck, trailer, classic cars, RV, motor home or motorcycle.

Premium Vin is a tool that will enable you to know how the car has been taken care of by the vehicle’s previous owners. Details about insurance claims, accident records, loan & liens, police reports, service records or manufacturer recalls will come up in the search. Each report will check the following:

Run a VIN Check today and get the complete history report on any vehicle instantly

How Does it Work?

Vehicles Report offer a wealth of information about used cars and their past. We have one of the largest used car databases in the world that obtains information from State & Federal records ensuring 100% accurate and up-to-date records. With access to over 21 billion records we guarantee you will always receive an in depth history report. Simply enter your VIN Number and pay for the records to instantly view the report within minutes.

Benefits of Vehicles Report

A VIN check can help you avoid scams and ensure your vehicle is in good shape. It is useful when selling a vehicle as data shows 35% off sellers providing a history report get their asking price and sell their vehicles faster. When buying a used car, always run a history report when dealing with a private seller or dealer to ensure you know what the vehicle has been through. Enter your VIN and get up to date information by running a vin check today. Here are 4 red flags that we’ve highlighted that come up as costly mistakes if a vehicle hasn’t thoroughly been checked.

– Has the car previously been written off? All this means is that it was decided that the repairs off the car would cost more than what the vehicle is worth. If a car has been written off or issued a salvage title, there’s a good chance it has some invisible damage or shoddy repairs that should be verified. Many of these vehicles are exported to overseas markets.

– Is the car still under finance? If the car is still under finance, the seller should warn the buyer. If you have only found out through the history report, contact the seller immediately to get proof that the vehicle has been paid off. We have seen numerous cases where customers purchase a vehicle with a loan/lien only to have it reclaimed by the financial lender even if the previous owner had the debt under their name, costing the customer thousands of dollars.

– Has the odometer been rolled back? This is one of the easiest ways to see if the seller is trying to rip you off. If our vehicle report shows inconsistencies with the mileage, then it would be in your best interest to walk away from the transaction.

– Is it poorly maintained? If the car has a very poor history, then its a long way from good as new and will likely not be as reliable as other options out there. Always have options and purchase the additional report package to run several vehicles and choose the one that has the most reliable history.

Premium Vin Methodology

Being the most advanced and comprehensive used car, truck and motorcycle vin check, Vehicles Report accesses the most up to date record available on the vehicle from federal and state databases. If you are planning to buy or sell a used vehicle, you need to be well-informed about its background, and this is where Vehicles Report can help. It provides an unbiased vehicle history report and gives information about the vehicles past. Vehicles Report takes any vehicle’s VIN number to generate a comprehensive report for that vehicle. The report contains various information about the vehicle such as registration details, vehicle specifications, vehicle recalls, accidents, loans & liens and many other important points.