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Vehicle Identification Number VIN

Learn all about the VIN which stands for Vehicle Identification Number.

What is a VIN Number?

Every car manufactured has a unique vehicle identification number (VIN) which can also be considered the fingerprint of a vehicle. No other car in the world could have an identical vin number. The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a unique set of 17 characters containing numbers and letters. A VIN is the most reliable way to identify a vehicle. 

Manufacturers use unique VINs to encode important information about that specific vehicle. Vehicle Identification Numbers are also used by repair services and the police to record maintenance, inspection, damage, theft and more. 

Using the VIN Number you can find out details of the vehicle such as manufacturer, year it was made, model, specifications, ownership history, mileage information, recalls, registrations, theft, insurance coverage, accidents and title checks. Use our VIN Check and find out more details about your VIN Number instantly.

What if the VIN Number is less than 17 characters long?

You will always want to double check that you have typed in the correct VIN number without any typos. If the VIN is less than 17 characters, then it is a VIN Number from a vehicle older than 1981. Prior to 1981, VIN numbers varied in length from 11 to 17 characters depending on the manufacturer. You can still run the VIN Check to obtain information on vehicles manufactured before 1981 even though the information available might be limited.

Looking for the history of a classic vehicle? Run our VIN Check and get the details. Use the contact page or speak to a live chat agent for assistance.

Where can you find a VIN?

The VIN number can be found on the body of a vehicle or on its documents. The VIN Number also known as the chassis number and consists of 17 characters which are a mix of numbers and letters. Here are the locations where you will find the VIN.

  • Windshield – On the driver’s side of the dashboard will be the vehicle’s VIN Number etched on a plate behind the windshield. The easiest way to view the VIN Number is by stepped outside the vehicle.
  • Driver’s door jamb –  Open the driver’s side of the vehicle. Upon opening the door where it connects to the body will be sticker’s from the manufacturer. Here you’ll locate the VIN Number etched on the sticker.
  • Engine block – If you are unable to locate the VIN Number on the documents, windshield or door jamb; then check the engine block. Every engine will have the unique VIN Number of the vehicle etched on the engine it self.
  • Insurance papers – To insure a vehicle a VIN Number is required. You can locate the VIN Number of the vehicle by simply looking at the insurance papers. Also known as the serial number on documents.
  • Registration or Title papers – The vehicle title will contain the 17 digit VIN Number also known as the chassis number or serial number of the vehicle. You’ll find this information on the title or the auto insurance policy.

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