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What Differentiates Our PREMIUM VIN Report From a CARFAX Report?

Richard Langridge
By Richard Langringe

One factor which is considered very important by consumers in the auto market is vehicle history reports. Vehicle reports are comparable to specifications, market value and multiple photos, and other important features. They are much more employed when it comes to used vehicles.

For many years, CARFAX was the only company that offered vehicle history reports. For the longest time, It didn’t have strong competition and they were able to establish its pricing and no one ever complained. That was until Premium VIN happened.

Let’s compare Carfax vs our Premium Report to see how we stack up against the industry leader. 

The Information You Will Find On Our Premium VIN Report

Market Value

The main factor when purchasing or selling a vehicle is to know the worth of the vehicle in terms of its cost. This is something you won’t see on a Carfax report. With over 60 checks on each VIN, our proprietary technology accurately predicts a vehicle’s value based on service, mileage, and condition history.


Each vehicle report contains complete specifications like trim, engine, transmission, fuel, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, and standard safety features. Our Premium VIN report shows more significant information by providing detailed specifications and breakdowns of a vehicle. This is something you won’t see in a CarFax report. 

Features & Options

The full feature list includes accessories and features on a vehicle such as air conditioning, airbags, audio system, comfort features, brakes, convenience features, instrumentation, exterior features, lights, mirrors, safety, seatbelts, seats, security, stability, traction, suspension, tires, rims, and windows. All these features gave us a competitive edge over CarFax with our window sticker Feature.


We remain the only company that presents auction data and photos as part of a vehicle history report. You can see up to 10+ pictures on each vehicle with definite specifications and auction history when the records are available.

Our Premium VIN  report does not only contain auction data and photos but we offer these amazing features at a price that is 60% less than other Vehicle history report providers. You will not find this feature in the CARFAX report.

Market Value breakdown

View market analysis that shows the market worth of a vehicle which is a significant insight for the seller of the vehicle and about its value. 

Days listed for sale

View the length of time it will require for a vehicle to sell based on analyzing similar vehicles sold in the market. 

Market Analysis

Our premium VIN report will analyze a vehicle’s worth depending on the predetermined mileage and show you similar contending vehicles with cost and estimated mileage alongside a graph to see which months are best for buying and selling. 

Depreciation Analysis

Devaluation is the biggest expense in claiming a vehicle, typically making up 40-50% of the total cost of ownership. Our premium VIN will help you figure out how much the vehicle will depreciate over 5 years. You will also have the option to see the searched VIN number compared to other similar models and find out about the devaluation costs. 

Best time to buy or sell

We give in-depth information based on the market investigation for the vehicles, so the buyers and sellers track down the greatest months to purchase and sell any vehicle. 

Safety Recalls

Each VIN lookup permits you to get information about recalls from the maker of the vehicle you are searching for. Monitor recalls that have been addressed and those that should be addressed before the safety of the vehicle can be guaranteed.

Visit our “Sample report” page to see why our premium VIN report is better than a CarFax report.

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