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Buying a used one can be filled with hassles and thought-provoking moments, Lookup a VIN with PremiumVIN and get answers to all your questions, and make sound buying or selling decisions.

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Vehicles have been recorded as being involved in an accident.


Vehicles are reported with mileage & title inconsistencies.t.


A vehicle is reported stolen or a claim filed with insurance in North America.

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Have outstanding loans & liens on the vehicle causing you to be liable for the debt.

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Wondering where you can find the VIN?  You can find your VIN in the following places.

Body of Vehicle :

Paper Works :

License Plate Lookup by State​

We offer you the option to look up your license plate by State! If you want to buy a car but still have doubts about its overall state? Then you can easily discover its previous history and current specifications in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your email and license plate number to get your report instantly.

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James MillsMiami, Florida
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At first, I was really worried about my used-vehicle purchase. I could see its present condition, but, at the same time, I wanted to know if something serious happened to it before. With the help of Premium VIN Report, now I can see the history of the vehicle I am going to buy.
Sam BoyleToronto, Ontario
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Premium VIN Report comes as a blessing for the used-vehicle buyers. It provides a detailed report of the vehicle. For me, it cleared all the confusion I had in my mind while buying our first second-hand car for our son.
Sandra KingLos Angeles, California
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I entered the registration number of the vehicle I want to purchase on the Premium VIN website and it gave me a detailed report of the vehicle that includes important recall information and notifies me of the real condition of my vehicle.

The VIN report is a vehicle history report generated using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Premium VIN is a leading provider of VIN reports, hence you can check any VIN using the Premium VIN’s VIN check tool.The process of acquiring a vehicle history report may also be referred to as VIN report check.

VIN stickers also known as window stickers are obtainable using the Premium VIN window sticker lookup tool.
Premium VIN currently does not offer a free VIN window sticker lookup, however, you can benefit from our discount and coupons usually offered to our customers when you search for window stickers by VIN.
Yes,you can check your VIN report. The Premium VIN tool allows users to check vehicle reports by VIN.
Yes, with Premium VIN you can conduct an Auction VIN lookup. Auction history by VIN is one of the unique services providing Premium VIN which makes them stand up amongst other VIN check service providers. It may also be referred to as a VIN auction lookup.
The car VIN report is the same as the vehicle history report, it is worthy to note however that some vehicle history reports can be generated via a license plate lookup, hence the term car VIN Report specifically refers to history reports generated from a VIN, it can also be referred to as VIN history report. Premium VIN’s Vehicle history reports usually contain mileage history, hence one can also conduct a mileage lookup by VIN.
Regardless of the year, make or model of your vehicle, you can always access concrete technical and pricing information about your vehicle by looking up your window sticker by VIN using Premium VIN’s tool. Premium VIN provides original stickers by VIN.