FREE Recall Check By VIN

You can Check Recalls by Entering The VIN Number in our VIN check tool. Our proprietary VIN check can deliver significant information about the recalls issued by the auto manufacturer or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in regards to specific models.

Check for Recalls by VIN

Vehicles are recalled to address safety issues, and defects which if other not fixed properly usually result in loss of lives and property. Generally, all vehicles that fail to meet up with minimum safety standards. To find out if your vehicle has an open recall, you can use the Premium VIN tool to conduct a VIN Recall Lookup.

When buying a used vehicle it is important to check recalls by VIN, and find out if the underlying safety concerns are part of the reason the owner wants to sell the vehicle.

How to Check Vehicle Recalls by VIN Number?

You can search for recalls by VIN using our proprietary recall check by VIN tool, this tool can deliver information from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with respect to the model being looked up.

You can conduct a vehicle recall lookup by VIN by inserting the VIN number in our VIN recall check tool, first find your VIN number, in any of the following places:

  • By the driver’s side on the dashboard near the bottom of the windshield.
  • On the car’s sticker on the driver’s side door.
  • On the engine block.
  • On the vehicle title, registration, or insurance papers.

After getting your VIN to follow the following procedure:

  • Visit the auto-check recall by VIN page
  • Enter your VIN number and other information
  • Click on check open recalls

After payment, you will have access to a detailed vehicle history report containing the recall status of your vehicle.

No Access To VIN? We Got You Covered!

You can check recalls now using the license plate number of your vehicle, a license plate lookup is another good way to check safety recall information.

To use our license plate lookup tool, simply enter the license plate number in our plate lookup tool and gain access to vehicle recall information.

free recall check by vin

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to look up recalls by VIN?

Answer: You can look up recalls using the Premium VIN tool, with this tool you check: NHTSA recalls by VIN, airbag recall by VIN, and international truck recalls by VIN.

Question: Is recall check free?

Answer: Currently, the recall check service is not for free, however, it is quite affordable and provides more detailed information regarding any used vehicle.

Question: Which car maker has the most recalls?
Answer: As of 2022, Ford is still regarded as the manufacturer with the highest amount of recalls, followed by Daimler Truck (North America) and Mercedes-Benz USA, as reported by NHTSA.

Question: Are recalls free forever?

Answer: Recall check by VIN is not free, however, if a vehicle has an open recall it is usually bought back by the manufacturer. The vehicle can also be serviced without any charge by the manufacturer.