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Why Do We Need a Vehicle History Report?

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It is always a difficult decision to make if you are considering a used phone or home appliance. This is due to the fact that you don’t have what it takes to know about the past or history of the device. Besides, it is hard to see a sincere previous owner and seller who would intentionally reveal the hidden past of the device.

This is also the case when buying a used vehicle as no seller or dealer will be willing to lose money by telling the truth about a car’s past. As true as this may be, it’s also possible that some dealers are unaware of the car’s past. A vehicle history report is what smart shoppers need to unlock the past of used vehicles they are looking to buy.

What Is A Vehicle History Report?

The vehicle history report is a complete history of a vehicle, from the time it was first registered through to the last ownership transfer.  To access the vehicle history report of any vehicle, there is a need to run a VIN search or VIN check using the vehicle’s VIN number.

Why Should You Consider a vehicle history report?

You can discover a lot of vital information through a vehicle history report. Running a VIN check is one of the most important steps in getting a vehicle history report for a used car you are planning to buy.

With the report, you will get to know about the full history of an automobile, including any serious issues that might not be observable upon inspecting or even test-driving the car.

Purchasing someone else’s vehicle is an experience that can raise some uncertainties. A vehicle history report can provide you with 100% satisfaction and put your concerns to rest. Most users search online for a “free vehicle history report” to find only some basic information about a vehicle like make, model, and year, and some incorrect and inaccurate information.

Most users search online for a “free vehicle history report” to find only some basic information of a vehicle like make, model, and year, and some incorrect and inaccurate information.

By using our accurate VIN Check tool, you will get complete information about the car’s history. This is something you might not get with other providers of vehicle history report providers  Our vehicle history report is accurate, affordable and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

The 17-digit VIN you entered in our VIN check tool is being looked up against a database of millions of DMV records to disclose all of the available histories on that specific vehicle. In addition to basic vehicle information, our vehicle history reports will reveal any problems that you should be aware of. Click here to use our VIN check tool.

How To Get a Vehicle History Report?

It’s very simple. Each vehicle has a unique Vehicle Identification Number also known as a VIN Number or VIN. It is an automobile’s fingerprint and is a 17-character alphanumeric code that identifies that specific car.

You can find the VIN attached to the driver’s side of the dashboard, the Driver’s side door, on major components of a vehicle such as an engine block, chassis, and transmission, and on the vehicle title, registration, or insurance papers.

Simply enter this VIN in our VIN search tool to find a detailed vehicle history report in just a few minutes.

What Information Vehicle History Report Contain?

Part of the vital details that will be included in the report are DMV transactions, registration data, and ownership transfers.

However, the most important part of the vehicle history report is the information detailing the  serious problems that the car has had in the past. This will include any major problem that was reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), such as odometer rollback, collision damage, police use, theft, fire, hail and water damage, persistent mechanical issues, and more. Most dealers or sellers will not want to show this information for obvious reasons and few others still might not even be aware of the problems. That is why it is highly recommended to get a vehicle history report.

The following information is captured in our vehicle history report.

Accident History:

You can find out if the car was in a previous accident and what damage was done because of that accident. Moreover, because insurance companies can determine a vehicle “totaled” at their discretion, there is a chance that the owner could still fix the car and resell it.

Lemon History:

Also, you can find if the vehicle was declared a lemon. When a car has major issues right off the bat and the manufacturer takes the car back, the state can declare it as a lemon. This is then documented with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Natural Disaster History:

If the car has been involved in a natural disaster situation such as a flood or a hail storm, our history report will reveal this information. These are situations where someone can make the car look new but it still has the lasting effects of being flooded or pummeled with hail.

Ownership History:

By using our VIN search tool, You can disclose how many people have owned the car before you buy it. Most times, vehicles having fewer owners will be much better.

Mileage History

Our vehicle history report also includes the mileage history of a vehicle. Excessive mileage reduces the car’s value and it is worth knowing this so that you do not pay too much for the vehicle. A vehicle history report will reveal a rollback report on the odometer to make sure you are not purchasing a vehicle that has been reported for odometer fraud.

The above reasons are some excellent reasons why you should need to buy a vehicle history report. Running a history report can give you confidence and peace of mind that you are buying a good vehicle at a fair price.

We offer much more important information that other vehicle report provider does not offer. Discover more by visiting the ” VIN Check” page.



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