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The Top 12 Questions Worth Asking About Used Cars

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Whether used or new, buying a car is an important and long-term commitment. It’s not too much to ask all the necessary questions before purchasing a car you plan to keep for some years.

To think of this, imagine the consequences of not asking questions about the depth of a river before stepping into it.

As a vehicle history provider, we know what you should be asking your dealer about a car before purchasing it.

Top 12 Questions Worth Asking About Used Cars

For you to end up purchasing the right car, we have carefully selected the top 12 questions you should not overlook when considering a used car.

Was It A Stolen Car?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in 2020, one car was stolen every 36 seconds and the stats in the UK reported that a car is stolen every 5 minutes, making buying a used car challenging.

 This is why you should conduct a theft check before buying a used vehicle.

If you purchased a stolen car by mistake, it’s either your vehicle is seized from you, or you end up facing some legal issues – your car and the money invested are gone.

You should visit Premium VIN to verify the theft records of any used car.

Is There Any Loan and Lien Title On The Car?

A lien allows the lender to repossess the vehicle if the loan is not paid, regardless of who currently owns the car.

 You should ask the person who is selling the car whether they’re still paying off the loan or whether it has a lien on it. But it’s a good idea if you verify this with our VIN decoder.

Has The Car Been Involved In Any Accidents?

Carfax reports that 40% of vehicles on the road today have sustained some sort of damage. 

This means that around 110 million cars in the U.S. are on the road and have been in some kind of difficulty.

Autotrader describes accidents as the main reason to avoid a used car, claiming that accidents can cause long-lasting damage.

 It further states that in some cases, the damage could cause additional problems on the road, even if the car has been repaired. Though, buying a used car that’s been in an accident can save you money.

What Is The Actual Mileage Of The Car?

Mileage is easily overlooked but an important factor when buying a used car. Don’t get swept away in the best MPG cars, or other efficiency measures.

 Low or high mileage affects the value of the car at purchase and sale, as well as likely cost of maintenance and servicing

How Many Owners Have Used The Car?

Why would it matter how many owners have used a car? It may sound trivial but that’s a good question to ask too. It’s not just who has driven a car that matters, but it’s how it has been driven too. 

Getting an answer to this question may give you an idea of the handling and wear and tear status. 

There is always a good reason for selling a car, but still, make sure you aren’t signing your money away with something you could have seen coming. 

Always do the check you can to keep yourself safe. Get to know more about the history of a used car by using our VIN decoder to run a VIN check now

Does The Car Run and Drive?

Run and Drive means that a car arrived at auction, and the following was verified: the car would start under its own operation, the car transmission would shift into gear and the car can move forward under its own power. You should verify the run and drive status of a used car before purchasing it. Luckily, it’s relatively easy by using our auction VIN check tool.

What Is The Market Value of The Car?

If you are looking to buy a used car, you will definitely want a fair estimate of the car’s worth to get the best possible deal in the market. The aim is to maximize the price, and this is a sure way to establish an accurate valuation. It will also give you the confidence you need for negotiating a good deal. 

Based on a vehicle’s year, make, model, trim, mileage and condition, Premium VIN can assist you with the market value data of any car. Remember, a car’s history affects its value.

Does The Car Have Any Salvage Titles?

Salvage title is given when a car has been damaged so severely that the insurance company declares it a total loss. 

These cars may be cheap but they come with a lot of risks which you should avoid. 

Getting the vehicle history can help you verify if the car you want to buy has a salvage title.

Are There Any Open Recalls on The Car?

Car recalls are typically issued because of a problem or potential problem related to safety issues. Therefore, it is critical to determine whether the car has been part of any recalls and if they have been resolved.

Can I Get The Maintenance History?

The maintenance history of a car provides some reassurance that the car in question is regularly serviced, has had any repairs, and that the mileage publicized is accurate. 

When you get a breakdown of a car’s history and maintenance, you will know the best way to manage the car.

At we can provide you with the detailed history of any used car within minutes.

How Possible Is It To Physically Inspect The Car?

Aside from getting the vehicle history of a car online, it’s always good to consider the possibility of inspecting the car by a professional mechanic, one you can trust.

Having the car inspected by a mechanic can give you peace of mind and determine if it’s worth buying or not.

All these questions have been great, right? You can see there are many questions to ask about used cars that will help you make an accurate decision on which one to buy. 

Be sure to keep in mind your budget and a list of reasonable needs when addressing these questions.

There’s never too much information, especially when it comes to making a big purchase – like buying a used car.

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