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Get a Vehicle History Report by using our state-specific VIN Check to unlock detailed information on your vehicle. Check your VIN using our VIN Check tool and reveal its history, loan checks, accident reports, Police reports, market analysis, and much more! 

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By using our state-specific VIN lookup service, you can learn about the history of the vehicle and get a detailed report. The report not only presents the basic information related to the car manufacturer, model, and other known specifications but, also presents a wide range of important information. Some of the information offered in the report covers accident history, recalls information, past owners, service and repair history, inspection records, insurance claim records, and many more. You can use DMV VIN check not only for buying the vehicle but also in case you want to sell it.

In addition to the various important features, the Premium VIN report also comprises a separate section covering the financial evaluation of the vehicle. The financial appraisal includes an estimated market value of the vehicle, a comparative analysis of the major automobile manufacturers with similar models, and the depreciation value of the compared models. All this offers great insight into the future financial worth of the car.

Another very unique feature of our VIN check tool is that you will be provided with the auction history and photos. This service is exclusive to our report as no other VIN check tool returns a report with auction photos or details. We provide accurate auction history with the help of a variety of car dealerships, auctions, and market sources. We not only provide additional information at a low cost but also ensure the accuracy of the data. Our VIN report is cheaper and more informative than services like Carfax and Autocheck.

Moreover, by checking the VIN number, you can also learn about the safety standards, performance, and features provided with the specific model. The data comes from several insurance databases and organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

What is a VIN Number and how to read it?

A VIN number is a 17-character alphanumeric code which is also referred to as the chassis number or serial number. The code is unique for each vehicle and is used to save vital information related to that specific vehicle. The VIN number encloses information related to the make of the vehicle, year of manufacturing, engine, transmission, fuel, add-on features, and the plant where the was manufactured. The information in the VIN check report encompasses important details that can be useful for the used car buyers to make up their minds.

Focusing on the 17-character alphanumeric VIN number, the first three characters present the country of origin and the manufacturer information. Then, the fourth to eighth character represents the engine size and specifications, and the vehicle type. The serial number of the vehicle is also provided at the end of the 17-character alphanumeric code.

So simply enter the VIN number and let us handle the rest for you!

Where to find the VIN Number?

To find the VIN number of the vehicle, you can either choose to look at the relevant sections on the documents or can choose to have a look at the vehicle. If you are looking at the documents, then the VIN number might be reported as the “Chassis Number” or “serial number”

On the other hand, if you are looking to find the VIN number physically on the , then you can locate the VIN in the following locations:


You can find the VIN on the left side of the dashboard affixed to the windshield on a metallic plate.

Driver’s door jamb

You can also locate the VIN on the sticker placed near the door jam on the driver’s side

Engine Block

If you are unable to locate the VIN Number on the windshield, or door jamb; then check the engine block. Every engine will have the unique VIN Number of the vehicle etched on the engine itself.

Insurance papers

You can locate the VIN Number by simply looking at the insurance papers for the vehicle.

Registration or Title papers

The vehicle title or registration papers will contain the 17 digit VIN Number, also known as the chassis number or a vehicle's serial number.

Once you locate the VIN number, you can then use our state-specific VIN Check tool to get an in-depth insight into the vehicle’s past.

What Information Will You Find From the VIN Check Tool?

The VIN lookup resolves the buyer’s concerns of safety and security about the vehicle.  Each VIN search reveals the kind of important information that can provide you an advantage as compared to visual inspection. Here are the specific features of the information that can be disclosed by running our VIN check tool.

The Number of owners

Learn about the owners, their locations, and the duration of ownership.

Usage Check

Was the vehicle used as a personal, commercial, taxi, police, or government use? Verify the previous records to get an insight into the vehicle’s past.

Mileage data

Using the odometer records, we present a comprehensive data compilation that includes the registration and renewal dates, the location of the registrations or renewals, and the mileage at the time of the registrations or renewals.

Accident history

Our report presents accident history along with the type of damage and the insurance claims regarding them. This can be useful in evaluating the actual worth of the vehicle. You will learn about the title check history as well.

Best times to buy and sell
Best times to buy and sell

Our service provides estimated worth and depreciation value over a five year period. Also, we offer a comparative analysis between similar models of other manufacturers. Therefore, you will be better equipped to understand the true worth of the car.

Vehicle specifications
Vehicle specifications

The first owner may have included some exterior options, safety or performance features, or an audio system in the initial order. Knowing this can assist you in better inspecting and understanding the actual worth of the vehicle.

Market Value
Market value

Our VIN report contains market value calculation using an advanced tool that considers current mileage and other data to provide an up-to-date market value. Vehicle depreciation and resale value can be then compared with other vehicles. The vehicle comparison is focused and covers similar models sold in the nearby locality to ensure relevance.

Airbag deployment

You should ensure that the vehicle has all the airbags and, if it doesn’t have them, discover why.

Warranty status

The warranty coverage and the current status is also presented.

Police reports

This is one of the most critical aspects of the VIN report. You can learn about any previous cases, involvement, or inquiries concerning the law enforcement agencies in regards to the vehicle.

Safety rating

Our report also includes safety rating details using the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash ratings.

Recall and Defect information

Cars are notorious for having recalls. Some of these recalls affect the safety and performance off the vehicle. Learn if the car has had any manufacturer recalls. If there are defects, learn about their impact on safety and how to fix the issues.

Department of Motor Vehicles

All the information provided in the VIN report is verified from State DMVs based on the location of the vehicle. Hence, we ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

Insurance data

Insurance claims can unveil significant damage to the vehicle in previous accidents. The insurance data related to the title like salvaged title or rebuilt title is also important as it can impact the resale value of the vehicle significantly.

Inspection Records

The annual safety and emission inspection records are also included in the report. The inspection result and timely conduction can be of high significance to avoid future penalties.

Lookup any Vehicle's Title history

This VIN check service also returns comprehensive title checks for the vehicle. This title check includes checks like salvaged title, junk title, and many others. A salvaged title means that the vehicle had undergone severe damage due to an accident or some other source. Therefore, it is recommended to get your report now and go through the titles branded to the vehicle to make an informed decision. 

Check if a vehicle has a loan & Lien history

Knowing the loan and lien history of the vehicle is also vital. The VIN Decoder tool returns all the data related to the loan history and any outstanding debt against the vehicle.

Buying a vehicle with a loan or lien can hold the buying party liable if it is not verified. There are cases where people have bought a vehicle with a lien only to have it towed away by the company that actually owns the title. The buying party is screwed out of money and a vehicle with no recourse besides going to courts to recover these costs.