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How To Check Vehicle History for Free | Best Options To Try In 2023

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For consumers visiting dealerships and planning to purchase used vehicles, the vehicle history is a very important tool when deciding on the best vehicle for themselves. With the vehicle history right in front of them and the reliable information they find, buyers are given an opportunity to make informed decisions and get reliable vehicles from any dealership of their choice.

Some vehicle history companies and websites have made it easy to check a car’s vehicle history by VIN, and some even offer this service for free. This article explains how to check vehicle history for free and the best vehicle history check websites to visit.

How to Check the History of a Vehicle for Free?

There are several websites where you can get a free car history check, also known as a VIN check, and gain access to information about your vehicle. Some of these companies and websites are:

  • PremiumVIN
  • Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)
  • iSeeCars
  • Vehicles Report
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)



PremiumVIN is another great company for getting a vehicle history check and a comprehensive vehicle history report on your vehicle using just the car’s VIN. Premium VIN provides in-depth analyses and premium data sourced from trustworthy government databases.

Their vehicle history reports include auction records with photos, technical specification data, auction lemon or manufacturer data, buyback record data, abandoned title record data, repossessed record data, theft record data, accident history data, damage history data, insurance history data, odometer verification data, hail damage data, fire damage data, and more.

You can get a free VIN Check preview and generate vehicle history reports for modern and classic vehicles with premium VIN. Be aware that the preview is free, but you must purchase report credits from PremiumVIN to have full access to the full and comprehensive vehicle history report for your vehicle.

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)

If you want to know how to check your vehicle history for free, this vehicle history report company is the best option. To get a vehicle history by VIN, all you need to do is visit Detailed Vehicle History (DVH). Not only will you get a vehicle history check, but also a detailed and comprehensive vehicle history report.

Theft records, auctions and sales history, ownership history, service and maintenance history, vehicle specifications, open recalls, lien and loan information, lease history, accident, and damage history, and more are some of the records you can find on a detailed report from Detailed Vehicle History.

Detailed Vehicle History even goes as far as carrying out VIN checks and generating vehicle history reports for classic and historic cars in addition to providing detailed information for regular vehicles.

If you want to check your vehicle history by VIN from Detailed Vehicle History, navigate to the VIN check tool on their website and provide your car’s vehicle identification number and the necessary information. Be aware that you will only get a preview of some of the information and records found online, and you may be required to pay a fee to access a full, comprehensive report of the vehicle history of your car.

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After you provide your VIN number, the vehicle history report website provides an outline of the history and present state of a used car, including its equipment data and vehicle specifications. Other records provided after a VIN lookup are value-added features like market value, fuel efficiency, safety rating, an inspection checklist, recalls and problems, and information on auto insurance.



iSeeCars is another website offering vehicle histories for free. With iSeeCars, all you need to do is visit the website, provide your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), and click on “Check this VIN.” Your free vehicle history report from iSeeCars would contain information on price analysis, price history, key specifications, accident history, theft history, open recalls, and more.

When you run a VIN Check with iSeeCars, most of the details about your vehicle will be provided for free. If you want further information, you may be asked to register and pay a fee.

Vehicles Report

Vehicles Report

Vehicles Report provides access to vehicle history information just like the other websites on our list. To get a VIN check with this company, all you have to do is visit their VIN check page and enter your VIN and other requested information. You will immediately see your vehicle’s records and specifications. To get a concise vehicle history report, you may be asked to purchase a package.

With Vehicles Report, you can gain complete access to auction histories with detailed photos, theft and odometer records, ownership histories, lien and loan histories, histories of accidents and damage, service and maintenance histories, and more. You can also find the complete vehicle specifications, MSRP, interior and exterior features, and other information.

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National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

Understanding how to check vehicle history for free comes with knowing the right places to look. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is a government agency with full access to vehicle records and histories. It is another platform through which a consumer may get a free car history check.

The vehicle history check with NICB focuses on

  • Theft records.
  • Salvage titles.

With the NICB, each consumer gets a maximum of five searches daily. Most often, after running a VIN check with the NICB, you will be prompted to get a paid service from other report companies to gain more information on your vehicle. It is recommended that you visit “Detailed Vehicle History,” “PremiumVIN,” or “Vehicles Report” to get comprehensive information and unlimited access to the records and history of your vehicle.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is an operating administration that closely monitors motor vehicle safety. Similarly, the free vehicle history report provided by the NHTSA includes information on vehicle history, specifications, and safety systems.

Therefore, if your primary need is to get information about the vehicle specifications and safety systems of your car, you can visit the NHTSA for a free VIN check.

Final Words

Overall, these websites and companies are excellent resources for learning how to check vehicle history for free. With some of these companies, you may get a free report. Others, however, give a preview and would require payment to access more details. Make sure you pick a report provider that suits your budget and provides concise and comprehensive information on your vehicle.

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