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The VIN decoder is a sure bet for insights on vehicles specifications and history reports, we have in our decoding tool portfolio the:

  • Commercial vehicle VIN decoder
  • Commercial truck VIN decoder
  • 10-digit VIN number decoder
  • 13-digit VIN decoder
  • 17-digit VIN decoder
  • Antique car VIN decoder
  • Classic car VIN decoder
  • Antique truck VIN decoder
  • Antique car VIN decoder
  • Heavy truck VIN decoder
  • and general VIN decoder.

After Decoding a VIN you can gain access to the following information:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Engine Description
  • Country
  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Standard seating
  • Transmission style
  • Drive Type
  • Body type
  • Fuel Type
  • Displacement
  • Engine model
  • Valve train design
  • Engine configuration
  • Front airbag Information
  • Tire pressure and monitoring system type
  • Seat belt type

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Our AI-powered VIN decoders are among the fastest in the industry, bringing you a piece of preliminary information about your vehicle with just one click.

Where can you find your classic VIN in two different places, on the car, and on the car’s documents?

You can find the VIN in the following documents:

You can find the VIN around the body of the car:

  • The dashboard
  • The windshield
  • The front area block of the engine
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Why Use The Premium VIN Decoding Tool?

Premium VIN provides support for both classic and modern vehicles, we have carefully crafted and perfected our VIN decoding tool to become the decoding tool with the highest accuracy.
You should decode VIN with Premium VIN because we have:

  • Outstanding ability to decode classic and modern VINs
  • Fastest AI-powered VIN decoder in the automotive industry
  • Provision of the most detailed vehicle history in the automotive industry
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You can get the following information from the vehicle history report:

  • Auction records
  • Auction Photos
  • Technical Specification information
  • Auction Lemon/Manufacturer
  • Buyback record information
  • Abandoned title record information
  • Grey market title record information
  • Loan/Lien record(s) information
  • Repossessed record information
  • Corrected title record information
  • Duplicate title record information
  • Theft records
    Insurance history
  • Odometer verification
  • Hail damage check
  • Fire damage check
  • Detailed Vehicle Verification
  • Crash test records
  • Flood damage check
  • Number of previous users
  • Maintenance records
  • Open manufacturers/NHTSA recalls

Decode Classic VIN With Premium VIN

Do own a classic car? Do you have a 6-13-digit VIN, Premium VIN is among the few in the industry to provide classic VIN decoding, decode a 13-digit VIN today and gain insights into the features of your vehicle, decode a classic VIN today.


How to decode a VIN number?

You can decode any VIN number both classic and modern with our VIN decoding tool, simply find your VIN and input it in our VIN decoding tool.

How to decode a 13-digit VIN number?

To decode a 13-digit VIN, simply find the VIN and insert it in the Premium VIN’s decoder tool.

How do you decode a 17-digit VIN number?

You can decode a VIN or a 17-digit VIN number by using the VIN decoder tool.

How to decode a motorcycle VIN number?

The motorcycle VIN number can be decoded with PremiumVIN’s VIN motorcycle VIN/chassis decoder.